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Tips & Tricks

To help you get the most out of your Piz-zaz Natural Hair Fibers, please note:


1.     Every so often when a new bottle of Piz-zaz is purchased, the can feels heavy and full but nothing comes out when sprayed. DO NOT WORRY, the product is fine. Because the can is full of fiber, it may need some help getting started. To operate in case this happens, open the jar and release the inner bit and everything should run smoothly from there on out.

2.     For the Keratin fibers to fit snugly on your hair, your hair must be completely DRY before application.

3.     Additionally, hair must be long enough for hair fibers to grasp on to; otherwise, the sturdy keratin fibers will not be able to get as strong a grasp.

4.     Sorry, Piz-zaz will not work on completely bald areas.

5.     Looking to change the color of your hair to a darker, bolder shade. Piz-zaz works great for that… Simply apply a darker color with the color of your hair and voila—It’s instant hair color, without having to color you hair!

a.     Example: Turning grey hair to black : Apply both Piz-zaz Gray and Piz-zaz black and see change instantly!

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