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Although Piz-zaz is a simple enough to use product, we still get our fair share of questions. So in order to help clear the air on issues or questions you may have, we’ve decided to answer some:


Will Piz-zaz All-Natural Hair Fibers work with my hair type?

 Short Answer: yes! Because of the natural keratin fibers in Piz-zaz, any hair type will do—from thin to coarse, fine and “peach fuzz” short and everything in between. Piz-zaz is easy to apply on all types of hair, no matter how you style it.


Does Piz-zaz take a long time to apply?

 Generally speaking, Piz-zaz does not take more than a few minutes to apply. It all depends on the size of the area and a person’s familiarity with using the product. No worries, practice makes perfect, and with enough uses you will be a pro in no time.


How long does my hair need to be in order for Piz-zaz to work best?

 Because the Piz-zaz keratin fibers bond to your already existing hair, we suggest using on hair that is no shorter than 0.5 inch (around 1-2 centimeters). Sorry, no shaved heads! Simply grow it out a bit and you will be good to go.


Is it possible that the Piz-zaz Natural Hair Fibers will fall out?

If Piz-zaz is applied correctly and you follow all of the given instructions then you will be just fine. Because the bond created by Piz-zaz on your hair is up to 200% (!) stronger than any and all other fiber-based thickening products widely available, Piz-zaz is sure to stick. Whether wind, rain, and sweat!


Will Piz-zaz leave stains?

Piz-zaz was made to last until washed out. 


Will I be able to comb my hair after applying Piz-zaz?

Absolutely! We suggest first drying and styling your hair before the best results, but if you decide to style hair afterwards use a wide-toothed comb.


How long will one application of Piz-zaz last?

Piz-zaz was made to last until washed out.


What kind of shampoo should I use if I have Piz-zaz in my hair?

 Great news—any type of shampoo will work!


How long will one bottle of Piz-zaz last me?

It really depends on how much you are using each time. The bigger the thinning area, the more Piz-zaz you will use and quicker you bottle will run out. Generally speaking, the 28 gram size of Piz-zaz lasts approximately 50-75 days; When considering pennies and dimes, each application averages out to cost around 50 cents apiece.


And hairsprays and gels, can I use them?

For hairspray—only use after applying Piz-zaz as the fibers need to grasp to hair…not hairspray. Gels—wait for hair gel to dry before using Piz-zaz Natural Hair Fibers.


What about my normal hair growth pattern, will Piz-zaz have any effect?

Because Piz-zaz is not a drug/medicine/pharmaceutical, (instead, the natural fibers of Piz-zaz are kertin) the natural hair fibers will have no lasting effect on your natural hair pattern or growth.


Can women use it?

Piz-zaz is just as effective with women as it is for men. Fun fact: almost 38% of Piz-zaz users are female. For more information, check out the video demonstration for women.


Will Piz-zaz work just as well for African American hair?



Can I use Piz-zaz on facial hair like bearks and mustaches? 

Unfortunately, no. Piz-zaz is intended only for use on the scalp and not for any other type of the body.


How many colors is Piz-zaz available in? 

Piz-zaz is available in wide variety of 9 colors: Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Light , Medium Blond Blonde, Auburn,  Gray,  White. Find your match!


But which color is best for me? Which should I choose? 

Find out what color would best describe your hair color at the root.

If your hair has highlights with darker roots, match your color to the root.

When in doubt, choose the darker shade. For example: if you cannot decide between medium and light brown, choose the medium.


Is it possible to mix two different colors?

 Yes! Here’s how:

Step 1: First apply a thin layer of the darker Piz-zaz shade. Gently pat hair to best distribute the color.

Step 2: Apply lighter Piz-zaz shade, gently pat head to best distribute this color.

Step 3: Repeat Steps 1 and 2 until you get the desired look.


Would I be able to use a curling iron or straightener when using this product?

 Absolutely, but make sure to use these styling tools before applying Piz-zaz.

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