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The Magic of Piz-zaz and How It Works:

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We all want to look our best, but sometimes life can get in the way. Stress, diet, health, genetics—all these can impact our body and appearance in ways that are not altogether wanted. And hair is a tricky beast: it grows in some places we wish it didn’t, and then fails to appear where and when we would like it most.

For many men and women who are struggling with thinning or disappearing hair, the issue is greater than scalp deep and can equally affect behavior and mood. Hair loss does not discriminate and can happen to just about anybody, at any age, with any background. While age usually plays a role it doesn’t have to, that is why having a plan of action is so important. Piz-zaz Hair Building Fibers offer a natural way to get great full-looking hair (and all the confidence that went along with it!).

The secret lies with the Piz-zaz Natural Keratin Protein Fibers—a breakthrough in cosmetics that gives you thick natural looking hair in no time! By shaking the Hair Building Fibers over problematic areas of the head, the fibers grip onto existing hair to add an extra thickness and fullness to any hair type (no matter how thin!). In just a few short minutes, watch as visible scalp disappears and is replaced by a thick, natural hair fibers.

Unlike other brands and methods, the natural organic proteins deep within the Keratin Building Fibers are sturdy and strong and will last through wind, rain, and perspiration. And no worries, Piz-zaz Hair Building Fibers are easy to clean and will not stain your clothing,

Remember what it felt like to run your fingers through thick, natural hair? To look in the mirror and feel great about what you see? You could have it all back. We all know that beauty is about more than the way we look, but why not give yourself that boost of confidence that only a “great hair day” can give you?...And when necessary, the Keratin Building Fibers wash out easily with any normal shampoo.

The Magic of Piz-zaz and How It Works:

Like natural hair, Piz-zaz Hair Building Fibers are made of organic keratin proteins. Simply shake on and spray.

Once applied to the scalp, the fibers are charged by static electricity that allows the new Piz-zaz fibers to bind to your own hair fibers. Piz-zaz will hold and stay in place all day and through the night.

Why Piz-zaz:

Get great natural looking hair in a matter of minutes.
Simple and easy-to-use process
Even those closest to you won’t be able to tell the difference between your and the Piz-zaz product
Great for all types of hair—male or female
Easy to wash out
No stains!

Directions for Use:

*Piz-zaz Hair Building Fibers as easy as 1-2-3!*

Piz-zaz works with all types of hair; male or female—not a problem!
(Only use on dry hair, as it creates a stronger bond with the Piz-zaz Hair Building Fibers.)

1) Shake Piz-zaz Hair Fibers over thinning areas of hair—concentrating on areas where the scalp is most visible and hair most thin.

2) Gently pat hair to activate fibers and to initiate the fiber bonds.

3) Spray on Piz-zaz Fiber Holding Spray to secure fibers in place.

And there you have it--great, natural-looking hair!

When finished, close product containers tightly and store in cool dry place until later use.

....Enjoy the New You!

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