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​Eat More of this food and get Younger nicer looking Hair!


  • Eat More of this food and get Younger nicer looking Hair!

  • Food that is rich with   vitamin B, like Bran which may slow hair loss and promote hair growth. Other B-rich are beans, peas, carrots, cauliflower, soybeans, nuts, and eggs.
  • Green tea. Brew a strong pot, cool it, then give your head a rinse to help kill off dandruff-causing fungus. Incidentally, if you drink green tea, the caffeine in it may help slow balding, too.
  • Salmon. Omega-3-rich foods like salmon and sardines help seal in your hair's shine. Distilled fish oils or DHA supplements will work, too. We recommend 2 grams of fish oil if you're taking a supplement that contains both EPA and DHA. If you're taking DHA alone, you only need 600 mg.
  • Avocados. The whole fruit as well as avocado oil may prevent some funky stuff that kills hair follicles -- dihydrotestosterone (DHT) -- from getting where it wants to go.
  • Cut out any animal fat. Fat from animals, plus palm and coconut oil, leads to more DHT production and hair follicle damage.

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