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When it comes to thinning or balding hair, we can blame genetics—or we can do something about it.  As we get older, some parts of our appearance just don’t withstand the test of time; but for those who know about that widening area of thinning area, there is now an answer. A way to return your hair to its natural look and all with natural ingredients: the name is simple but oh-so important, Piz-zaz!


Piz-zaz All-Natural Keratin Hair Fiber helps you reclaim your look and feel great! With the all-natural organic ingredients, you don’t have to worry about what you are applying. Get fuller, thicker hair instantly with pure keratin fibers. By binding quickly to your natural hair, these keratin fibers will fill in wherever your hair has been thinning giving you a natural looking head of hair.


In just three simple steps, turn back the clock:


  1.          Comb back dry hair
  2.          Shake Piz-zaz Hair Thickener over thinning or bald areas of scalp.
  3.          Use Piz-zaz Hold Spray to lock keratin fibers into place and voila!



And removing Piz-zaz is even easier: simply wash out with shampoo and warm water.


Looking great has never been so easy!

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